February 12, 2021
Mia Martins

5 Minute Yoga Morning Routine Video

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5 Minute Yoga Morning Routine Video – I’m going to show you a great routine that you can do first thing in the morning to wake up your entire body and calm and focus your mind. Let’s get started! So, we’ll start standing up nice and tall, heels right behind your toes. Take a big inhale reach your arms all the way up over your head. Big deep breath in and then, as you exhale gently soften all the way up and over your legs.

If the hamstrings feel a little jammed up here, you can always put a nice little bend in your knees, especially in the morning things might feel a little tighter than the rest of the day. So make sure to go really slow and take it easy. And then take a big inhale, lengthen all the way up to a nice long flat back as you exhale. Fingers tips pressing and also step your left leg all the way back to a nice low lunge here. Just sink your hips a bit, maybe sway a bit side to side. Breathe a lot and then, when you’re ready gently ease back knee down to the ground soft on that knee cap here and again up to you. Maybe just stay right here if the hips feel a little bit tight this morning.

If there’s a little more room to open up slowly start to peel your body open, letting the hips sink. Chest can lift and then anything you want to do with your arms. If it feels nice to take them all the way up back behind you something to do there. If that’s a little too intense for the morning, maybe just rest them on the front thigh or all the way down. Just breathe easy and when you’re ready we’ll bring your finger tips down either side your front foot. Tuck your back toes under. Keep your finger tips on the ground.

So there you have it, a really great routine that you can do first thing in the morning. You’ll get calm, centered, relaxed and focused for the entire day. As found on YouTube

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