February 8, 2021
Mia Martins

Post Workout Yoga Stretches For Sore Muscles

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These post yoga stretches release all of that tension in your glutes, your hamstrings and a little bit out of your abs. Remember, you always need to add those stretches at the end of your workout. A lot of us just tend to do the strengthening and then we leave.

Remember you got to strengthen and lengthen those muscles so find 5 min right now or at the end of your workout grab, a mat were going to relax, stretch our legs and end your workout in an awesome way. So were going to start by taking a childs pose to the side were going to reach to the side, bring your hips over to the right side. Watch here:

First, reach your arms to the corner of your mat. Take a deep breath in exhale. Just let yourself release feel the nice stretch on the right side of your back and then switching sides shift hips to the left. Reach arms over to the right corner of your mat. Come back to center up into all fours cat cow stretch, inhale exhale arch, inhale arch, the back exhale release from here tuck your toes and come up to downward dog nice stretch.

Reach your right leg to the sky hold for a moment, bend right knee step forward to the top of the mat right in between the hands drop. The back knee reach arms up to low lunge. All the way down to the floor come all the way down with your body, bring your weight to your left, knee extending your right leg out flex, your front foot head to knee come forward back to low lunge from here tuck your back toes loft, your back knee of the floor, high lunge take a moment to breathe in and then stepping right into your one legged dog.

Reach the right leg up open the hips stack your hips and then take pigeon pose right knee to right thumb from here. Come all the way down to your elbows, don’t forget to breathe, lift chest up, take modified version, reach left hand back, grab the left ankle and pull to your butt. If your up for the advanced version go ahead and bring your elbow to your toes and then hook, fingers together release come down with your chest. Tuck your toes and lets come up into downward dog left leg reaches up step to the top of gourmet.

With your left, foot drop, the back knee to the floor, take a low lunge and then from here. Lowering your arms down go ahead. Shift you weight to your back knee, extend the left leg flex. Your left foot keep your back straight fold from the hips. Let yourself go down. You can always use props here. Holding onto two blocks: don’t forget to breathe with each exhale see if you can go a little bit deeper and then come back into your lunge tuck ear back toes high lunge hold here your going to take that left leg and reach it right up towards the ceiling open and stack hips then take your pigeon left knee to left thumb.

Make your way down to your elbows all the way down with your chest. With each exhale see if you can really let yourself go into the pose lets. Take one more breathe, bring chest up to mermaid pose and bring it all the way back, grab onto the ankle pull heel to glute, and if you like, to try full mermaid go ahead and take elbow to right toes and then hook your fingers together.

Don’t worry if you can’t do this pose, try your best grounding the palms of your hands. Tuck, your back toes, lift into downward facing dog. Take a moment to breathe, come forward into plank chaturanga upward dog. Add a little twist looking over to each heel. Come to childs pose come up and make your way over to your mat sitting in a crossed. Legged position rest your hands on your knees, big head roll inhale, reaching the arms up big breath in exhale hands down one more time, big breath in hands to heart. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you feel more stretched and I will see you soon again.

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