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How to Breathe Right – Yoga Pranayama Series Video

Hi, welcome to yoga, I’m Chancellor Tamiya and I’m a yoga instructor. Today, I’m going to take you through the right breathing technique. Most of us think that we know how to breathe right but to make sure you’re breathing right, you need to place your hand on your abdomen and you might have to ensure that, as you inhale, your abdomen expands and as you exhale it contracts.

If you do this, you notice that most people tend to breathe the reverse way, as you inhale the abdomen contracts and as they exhale it expands, it’s completely the opposite of what you should be doing. If you observe a baby and look at the baby’s abdomen as it inhales as they will go up and as it exhales abdomen will come down. So let’s make sure you’re breathing right place a hand on your stomach inhale, exhale. Let’s try that a few more times in your abdomen expands ass you inhale and contract again as you exhale. So, if you get confused just think of a balloon, when you fill a balloon up of air, what happens? It expands, so the same logic applies here as well. As found on YouTube

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Hello, I'm Mia. I love sharing the peace and joy of yoga and meditation with those that I meet on my life journey. I love to inspire and motivate everyone around me. Many blessings of peace. Namaste.

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