February 5, 2021
Mia Martins

Yoga Mistakes – The Right Way To Do Downward Dog Pose and More

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We’re gonna show you things that people commonly get wrong all right, maybe not wrong, but there’s better ways of doing it. So downward facing dog met, um Bravo! So take your regular down dog middle finger space forward, so you have better traction to lift the hips up and back now Ella.

This is gorgeous. But what, if you bend your knees and stick your tailbone even higher? That’s it, so now she has more length in the spine and the side body is that is really important here, bend the knees, the heels might lift a little bit. Its okay and then wrap your armpits in towards your heart. That’s it gorgeous, keep pressing the weight back into the heels from the hands, so you feel it more in your legs.

Beautiful now we’re gonna show you guys a low Cobra, so oftentimes people come all the way up to a high Cobra. So we’re gonna stay low to the ground. Hips stay on the floor, you’re pressing your pubic bone down, you’re pressing the tops of your toes down into the ground. Now you bring the elbows and squeeze them together behind the back shoulders. Back. Okay, now lengthen through the crown of your head.

So there’s no wrinkles in the back of your neck or just take another inhale and exhale lower everything back down. So nice pull-up dog, this one is so important. Yes, okay, so I often see it as in class. You drop the head back. So that’s a little bit. It gets crunchy in the neck right so think of lifting the gaze a little bit spreading.

The collarbones super wide pressing down through the tops of the toes so that the hips hover and keep the navel pulled in tight to protect the low back here now spread the collarbones even wider. That’s it beautiful. How do you feel good gorgeous? It is it’s a lot of work, but this is good for the body and it’ll give you a stronger practice and stronger body. As found on YouTube

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